About Glacier Park Foundation

The Glacier Park Foundation, a §501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is a citizens' group devoted to promoting the public interest in Glacier National Park. It is especially concerned with preserving Glacier's historic visitor facilities. GPF also seeks to maintain high standards of service to park visitors, to preserve Glacier's history, traditions, and wilderness environment, and to promote appropriate visitor enjoyment of the park.

  MGH Bellman

GPF was founded in 1980 by employees of Glacier's lodges. It has several hundred members, including former lodge employees and "gearjammers," park rangers, naturalists, and visitors to Glacier representing every era since the 1920s. All friends of Glacier are welcome to join!

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Contact Information

Glacier Park Foundation
PO Box 15241
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415

email: info@glacierparkfoundation.org

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  • John Hagen, President
  • Carol Dahle, First Vice President
  • Mac Willemssen, Secretary
  • Tessie Bundick, Historian
  • Jim Lees, Treasurer
  • Rolf Larson, The Inside Trail Editor

Board of Directors

  • Joe Blair
  • Mike Buck
  • Tessie Bundick
  • Laura Chihara
  • Janet Eisner Cornish
  • Brian Cross
  • Carol Repulski Dahle
  • Joyce Daugaard
  • Ray Djuff
  • Emily Trapp Hackethorn
  • John Hagen
  • Einar Hanson
  • Paul Hoff
  • Mark Hufstetler
  • Jeff Kuhn
  • Linda Young Kuhn
  • Rolf Larson
  • Greg Notess
  • John Sauer
  • Rick Taylor
  • Mac Willemssen