Glacier Park History


Glacier Park's Historic Hotels

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Histories of the hotels in Glacier

GPF members have written handbooks providing a historical look at the hotels in Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park. These handbooks were created for the employees of GPL and POW to help educate them about the historic background of their lodges.




An account by GPF member Rolf Larson of the 1936 forest fire that started in the Heaven's Peak area, crossed the Continental Divide at Swiftcurrent Pass and burnt down Swiftcurrent Valley.

Many Glacier Hotel

A history of Many Glacier Hotel, including the many colorful characters who worked there, as told by GPF member John Hagen.



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Through the Years in Glacier National Park

An administrative history by Donald H. Robinson, formerly Assistant Chief Park Naturalist at Glacier National Park
This history, published by the Glacier National History Association, Inc. in cooperation with the National Park Service, is available online!